Children and Teens

Empowering children, teens, and parents.

I want all children to feel safe to express themselves in a fun and playful therapeutic environment. It is my goal to help empower your child to feel more competent and increase their self-esteem. Children need a safe place to process their pain using age-appropriate therapies. I believe that play is a child’s language and it is my job to help understand and interpret that language so you can understand your child better. In addition, I work directly with parents on ways they can connect more with their child using attachment-based interventions (Filial Therapy) ,  I can teach you ways to improve the bond with your child.  This has been proven to reduce problematic and unwanted behaviors at school, friends, and family members.  Working together, I will teach you some ways to help your little one improve their coping and emotional regulation skills, and develop positive relationships. As a former teacher, I know the importance of working together with the schools.  It is important to make regular phone calls with teachers and support staff at your son or daughter’s school; this is a team effort.


I help children who struggle with:

  • Tantrums and Anger Outbursts
  • Physical and/or Verbal Aggression
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Divorce
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Family or Peer Conflicts
  • Self-Esteem Issues


  • Ongoing parent consultations during the course of your child’s treatment are required so you can stay informed and involved
  • Strengthening the parent/child relationship using Filial Therapy
  • Increasing positive family communication and teaching ways to manage family/sibling conflict
  • Informing you with ways to support your child at home based on what he or she is working on in counseling
  • Providing you with parenting skills that reduce power struggles and gain compliance from your child
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